Book Review in Kunstbeeld

'B.C. Epker, Lucid Domains', Episode Publishers, 64 pages, high quality colour printing, ISBN 90-810414-1-X, € 25,-  
Long live the (surreal) anecdote! Long live the visual cliché, the tragedy play, the old-fashioned fairy tale, Christian iconography, fable figures and a romantic, melancholic longing. They all celebrate their existence in the drawings of B.C. Epker.
Epker is the winner of the Gerrit Benner Prize 2006. Therefore his drawings are being shown in the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden (until May 7) and this catalog has been published. Epker is a chameleonic draughtsman. One moment his lines are very precise, the next they are impressionistic, then sketchy or collaged, and often all of this on one sheet of paper. From monochromatic to colouristic, from delicate details to rude gestures in watercolour. And again, often all within one image. Epker constructs his image in a way that is affiliated with the sampling technique. Despite the huge variety, the compositions appear surprisingly coherent and homogeneous. Storylines may initially seem to be disrupted, but ultimately in B.C. Epker's universe, everything appears to have a natural logic.

04-2006 Kunstbeeld