Exhibition Review on Kunstforum Noord

Maverick: B.C. Epker                                                                               March 18, 2012           

Anyone who has occasionally had enough with all that semi-, quasi-, and pseudo-expressionist land-air-and-water art, with that pastel terror and all that light-hearted, 'there-is-nothing-wrong' art that sometimes seems to constitute a disturbingly large part of northern art, should drop by Galerie Anderwereld one of these days. At the end of the corridor on the left. There in the cabinet hangs, to my knowledge for the first time in Groningen, the work of B.C. Epker, once presented as the rising star of Frisian contemporary art, but now more often active nationally and internationally. Anyone who sometimes experiences the bandwidth of northern art as constricting and narrow, will encounter work here that completely withdraws itself from the mainstream. Elusive, confusing, irritating. And very fascinating.